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12 LED Solar Light

This combination solar panel, battery and bank of super-bright LED lights can be charged by the sun or from a wall socket.  This an ideal emergency, security or outdoor light.

LED Solar Light
This portable, super-bright LED lighting device can provide up to six hours of continuous lighting and can be recharged in four hours of full sun with the built-in solar module or overnight with the included wall charger.  The light has many applications, but is ideally suited for RVs and remote cabins.  It also makes a great emergency light because it retains 99% of its charge per month and at 25% depth of discharge, it can deliver up to 1,000 recharge cycles.  The light is water resistant so it can be permanently mounted outdoors.

Solar Light LEDsSpecifications
As a 4V, 3.2Ah battery-powered light with 12 super-bright LEDs, output is approximately 216,000 mcd. Run time is six hours and recharge time is approximately four hours i
n full sun or seven hours with a 4V, 250mA wall charger (included).
Dimensions:  10" x 7 " x 7/8"
Weight:  2 lbs., 4 oz

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12 LED Solar Light

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