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Business Plan Editing & Polishing

I have many years of experience in editing and polishing business plans.  Here is a brief summary.  Please contact me for rates.

Ron S. Nolan, Ph.D.

Phase I.  Strategic Design Needs Assessment 

In the first phase, I  review the existing business plan (if any) to identify areas in need of improvement.


Preliminary Assessment and Critique

  • Is the organization straight forward or confused?
  • Identify sections that have been omitted.
  • Identify sections that need attention.
  • Identify grammatical issues
  • Discuss findings with client.

In-Depth  Assessment 

  • Perform a detailed assessment of the structure and content of the proposal.
  • Make highlighted notes in the document for areas that need clarification.
  • Discuss these notes with the client.
  • Develop a budget and schedule for creating, editing and polishing of the plan.


Phase 2.  Modifications, Revisions and Edits

  • Submit revised material to client..
  • Develop new materials as needed.
  • Submit new sections to client for review.
  • Add materials provided by the client.
  • Frequently update project status with client.
  • Submit completed draft to client.
  • Make modifications as needed.



Contact Dr. Nolan

    Ron S. Nolan, Ph.D.
    Solar Metro
    222 Santa Avenue, No. 11
    Aptos, CA 95003
   (831) 688-3158

Solar Metro, SolarMetro , Solar Metron and Solar Metro Online are Trademarks owned by Ron S. Nolan, Ph.D.


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