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Ron S. Nolan, PH.D. 
Solar Metro
222 Santa Avenue, No. 11
Aptos, CA 95003
(831) 688-3158


I have a great deal of experience in grant writing for education, community, environmental and health-related projects.

If you are unable to find the right local person for your effort, you might consider contracting some of the tasks in your scope of work to me.  I serve my clients across the country and world by telecommuting.  Utilizing me as consultant will also likely save you precious development funds. 

Despite the economic challenges, not-for-profit organizations can increase their budgets by increasing their grant applications in the short term.  2011 is a good year to work with a professional grant writer to increase your success rate and take advantage of capital that is still available in the foundation and federal funding agencies.

Reasons to contract out your grant writing:

1. In these tough economic times for organizations and agencies, it makes more sense now than ever cost-wise to contract out grant work rather than to support a full grant writing staff--due to savings in insurance, workers comp, retirement and health benefits, etc.

2.  There are also savings in efficiency in that a contractor is on-target with a fixed price and because funding prospects are well defined in advance.

3.  There are many RFPs out  in education, energy and technology at the DE, DHS, NEA and NSF that I can bring to the attention of school districts, colleges and universities and I have a great deal of experience in researching and identifying funding sources.

4.  Since I telecommute, I provide all of the office overhead and necessary equipment and software needed to develop and assist you in electronically filing your query letter and grant application.  I can also cost-effectively provide your grant tracking and reporting requirements.

5.  For large-scale projects or demanding deadlines, I have professional associates ready to assist your project.

6.  I am also ready and willing to assist your agency grant writer as needed.

I have many years of experience in grant writing.  Here is a brief summary.  Please contact me if you would like a complete resume or to discuss rates.  Please note that I do not work on a commission basis.

Contact Dr. Nolan

Ron S. Nolan, Ph.D.

Government Grant Writing Experience

My experience in developing proposals spans several decades beginning with my graduate studies at Scripps Institution of Oceanography.  I have developed proposals for my own research, the University of California, Santa Cruz; the Development Consulting Network and Hatchuel Tabernick and Associates.  Recent clients include the Oakland Unified School District, Alameda County and Contra Costa County among others.  I am also familiar with federal procurement procedures and am currently in the formative stages for preparing concept inquiries in the field of solar energy technology to the Department of Homeland Security and CalCEF.

Education Grant Writing Experience/Courseware Development

Instructional Courseware Development
  • Author, Developer:  Computer Music:  an Interactive Documentary (CD-ROM)
  • Author, Developer:  Coral Kingdom (CD-ROM)
  • Author, Developer:  Mission 2,000 (CD-ROM)
  • Author, Developer:  Task Force Environmental Education Kit (2 CD-ROMs)
  • Author; Developer:  ECOSYSTEMS (college textbook)
  • Nolan has had a long involvement in efforts to educate young people as well as adults in environmental conservation.  One of the projects is the Task Force Environmental Education Kit.  This combination of instructional television series, interactive software and web discussion forum encourages students to understand the issues related to declining salmon fisheries.  It challenges students to develop skills in the resolution of environmental conflict by studying a wide range of differing viewpoints and then to develop their own management plan.  This was funded in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation in 1994.
  • Developer of Salmon Preservation: a Case Study in the Resolution of Environmental Conflict, a web site with a wide range of  resources, fishery data and open forum. 
  • Developer of Coral Kingdom, instructional software about the biology and ecology of coral reefs, Digital Studios, 1993.
  • Developer of Ecosystems (upper division level college textbook on CD-ROM), Digital Studios, 2000.

Information Technology Experience.

I have a keen interest in technology and have twice served as a research associate in computer engineering at UC, Santa Cruz

Environmental Experience

I have designed and conducted numerous environmental studies and impact statements; produced a national educational TV series on salmon populations and authored a college textbook on ecosystems.

Disaster Preparedness

I am working with Innergy Power in San Diego to explore concepts for solar-powered communications modules with an eye to responding to the recent DHS Broad Agency Announement (BAA) 08-01.  I also sell emergency preparedness kits on my website at

Availability and Capability

I am available as soon as needed.  Nearly all of my grant writing services have been provided via telecommuting and I am comfortable with that arrangement.  I am also willing to work on a contract basis or at an hourly rate.  I have a state-of-the-art Dell workstation with two large flat screens.  For image editing I have GIMP and Thunderbird for e-mail; MS Office 2007 for writing and data analysis.  I have Comcast digital voice for unlimited long distance and high speed internet (Comcast Blast @ 16 Mbps).  McAfee provides the firewall.

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I can be reached at
    Ron S. Nolan, PH.D.
    Solar Metro
    222 Santa Avenue, No. 11
    Aptos, CA 95003
   (831) 688-3158

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