Solar Metro

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Solar Metro: Outstanding Solar Energy Brand!

The domain and website and the trade names SolarMetro (TM) Solar Metro (TM) and Solar Metro Online (TM) are for sale. I have also added the following domains which will be included at no extra charge.


These are great name brands for companies that manufacture solar energy products and/or deliver solar energy related services. is easy to remember and tells a great deal about your products and services. If you want to expand into national or international markets, Solar Metro is the brand name for you! And if you have a great brand already, then seal this one up from the competition! We all know that solar is the future, but there are only so many great solar brands available and this one comes with a registered domain name that has been in business for years.

Solar Metro (TM) SolarMetro (TM) and Solar Metro Online (TM) are brand names that are easy to understand and recognize worldwide. The website is an established brand name that may easily be adapted to your product or service line. Tomorrow, when you wake up, you will remember the name "Solar Metro." The same will hold true for your customers!

I am sure that you had to try many solar related names before you found one that was not taken. is ownership clear and ready to be part of your company.

I have owned the domain name and have operated the website, (tm) since August, 2005. For personal reasons, I have decided to part with this property in spite of many positive trends that have been developing recently. I am now offering these properties and all associated rights at a price of $1,500,000 USD. You are welcome to make a counter offer, but please note that I am a motivated seller and am contacting many prospective buyers in the solar and transportation industries. You may never get another chance to own the worldwide domain, SokarCity is a huge success. How about SolarMetro?

Date of First Use of Trade Names in Commerce

(It is up to you to verify the legal condition and properties of the trade names. There is no question about the ownership of the property,

9/1/2006 Quiznos advertisement on Solar Metro Online (tm) .

The offered properties include the Solar Metro Online (tm) website which you  may do with what you wish; expand it or make changes to suit your needs.

For our mutual protection, the exchange of property and funds will be conducted by; a quality, independent escrow service. You may consult WHOIS to verify that I am the owner of at:

Please contact me ASAP if you want this domain to be your own. I reserve the right to alter my minimum asking price without notice.

Ron S. Nolan, Ph.D.
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